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Journal of Management Science (JMS)
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Call for Papers: Journal of Management Science(JMS)

Journal of Management Sciences (JMS) is a print and online mode, peer-reviewed research journal published by the Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) University of Maiduguri. It provides a global publication platform for Professors, Research scholars, academicians, professionals and students engaged in management related Research. The main aim of SAJMS is to become one of the leading global journal by publishing authentic and scientifically developed research articles of international standard.

JMS publishes research papers in the fields of Management, Humanities & Social Sciences which include but not limited to accounting, business administration, marketing, finance, public administration, information management, actuarial sciences, office technology management, project management, entrepreneurship studies, risk and conflicts management, communication studies, organisational Behaviour, economics, education, international relations, mass communication, behavioural sciences, media studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, performing arts and so on.

The Journal is published four times in a year (quarterly) and the language of the journal is English. The preferred reference format is APA. It accepts exceptional research contribution from the authors in the form of original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes and book reviews.


1st Quarter: March 2017 Issue 1 – Date of Publication; 31st March, 2017

2nd Quarter: June 2017 Issue 2 – Date of Publication; 30th June, 2017

3rd Quarter: September 2017 Issue 3 – Date of Publication; 30th September 2017

4th Quarter: December 2017 Issue 4 – Date of Publication; 31st December, 2017.


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Areas Covered: Multidisciplinary


  • Accounting

    Business Administration
    Public Administration

    Business Management
    Organisational Behaviour


    Information Management  
    International Relations
    Library Science
    Mass Communication
    Behavioural Sciences

    Risk and Conflicts Management

    Project Management

    Entrepreneurship Studies

    Media Studies
    Political Science

Accepted Language: English

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