Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I have my article ready and would like to know whether I can publish in journal?

Answer: Yes. You can publish if your research article/review article falls in any one of the categories but not limited to business administration, marketing, finance, business management,  information management, international relations, library science, mass communication, behavioural sciences, media studies, public administration, organisational behaviour , economics, risk and conflicts management, project management, entrepreneurship studies, philosophy, political science, psychology and so on.

            2. My University/Organisation recognises publication(s) in an indexed journal. Is SAJ an indexed journal?

        Answer: Yes, SAJ MSis an indexed journal recognised by national library and Nigerian University Commission and it’s looking forward to be indexed in internationally reckoned institutions such as  Cabell's Periodicals (USA)), Georgetown University Library (USA), EBSCO Publishing (USA), The Ohio Library and Information Network, USA, New York University Libraries (USA), ProQuest, (UK), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (UK), CNKI Scholar, China
Electronic Journals Library University of Regensburg (Germany), Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden), Index Copernicus International (Poland), E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium (Philippines), Open J-Gate (India), Asian Education Index (Korea), Google Scholar, Crossref DOI; etc.

          3. Is SAJ a refereed journal?

        Answer: Yes. SAJ is a nationally refereed, peer-reviewed research journal that follows double-blind peer-review and published quarterly.

           4. Is SAJ published both in print and online versions?

     Answer: Yes, SAJ is published in both the modes such as print and online versions. Further, readers and others who require the soft copy of the journal articles can download the same free of charge from the journal official website

           5. Is SAJ MSan open-access journal and why should I publish in an open access journal?

      Answer: Yes, SAJ is an open-access journal that provides its users, access its resources free of charge. SAJ is in the process of being indexed in institution where the readers, students, scholars, professionals and novelists can easily gain access to the contents of our journal.

            6. I’ve written a review paper / I’ve written a case study etc., Will my article get published in SAJ MS?

     Answer:  SAJ accepts exceptional research contribution from the authors in the form of original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews

           7. I would like to know the publisher of SAJ MS

     Answer:  It is published quarterly by Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Maiduguri

           8. I want to submit my paper to SAJ MS, how should I submit it?

       Answer: You can e-mail your manuscript(s) to the editor at

          9. Does SAJ have ‘manuscript submission guidelines’?

        Answer: Yes, it is a true International Journal that follows unique submission guidelines which you can access here. Author(s) are requested to follow the Author Guidelines and submit the manuscript in accordance to the guidelines.

       10. Is there any page limit to the paper?

       Answer: Yes. The manuscript is not expected to exceed 20 pages, including references & annexes

       11. I’ve submitted my manuscript. How much time does SAJ take in review process?

      Answer: We receive a lot of research contributions on a daily basis and the editorial board takes utmost care in scrutinising each article according to its uniqueness, originality and applicability to the journal theme. So it may take around 1-2 month(s) to know whether your article is accepted. Once accepted, you can proceed to pay stipulated publication fees

      12. Does SAJ require any publication fee?

       Answer: If the paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay stipulated publication fees in order to cover the administration charges. Waiver policy is not applicable. The payment method will be notified by the Editor after the acceptance of the paper.

       13. My paper has been accepted for publication. How can I pay the publication fee?

      Answer: The payment method will be notified by the Editor after the acceptance of the paper.

       14. I want to know about the copyright policy of SAJ MS.

     Answer:  SAJ maintains copyrights for the articles published in the journal as accepted by the author in full consent in order to ensure full copyright protection and to disseminate the journal for public use.

    15. What is the frequency of publication of SAJ MS?

    Answer:  SAJ publishes high quality research articles once in three months (quarterly; March, June, September & December).

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